Truth or Comfort Episode 10 – Sheila and Rochelle / Working With REKI

John Trautman sits down with a couple of local REKI students to discuss the importance of education, their projects, and the Phoenix market. Learn more at


Truth or Comfort Episode 9 – Devon Voss

John sits down with Devon Voss from Thomas Title and Escrow. Learn more at


Tax Deductions for Real Estate Investors With Multi-Family Properties

There are many tax deductions available for real estate investors with multi-family properties. I’m always surprised to learn of the number of investors who don’t know about these deductions and…


Build Your Network to Build Your Net Worth

Whether you are a professional real estate investor with years of experience or a novice, building and working your network should be a high priority item on your to-do list….

Real Estate Investing

Create the Right Real Estate Investing Mindset

You’ve read the books. You’ve taken some classes. You’ve listened to podcasts. You think you are ready to begin your real estate investing journey. However, have you considered the most…

Real Estate Investing

Don’t Fall For a Rip-Off: How to Tell If Your Real Estate Guru is a Scam

As the real estate market heats up, so does real estate investing interest. And, as interest increases, so do the number of people who want to “teach” you how to…

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Terms Every Commercial Real Estate Investor Should Know

When jumping from residential real estate to commercial real estate, you’ll find that although the general flow is the same, the steps are far more complex. Plus, making a mistake…


Thomas Road Commercial Office Update

We’re almost done with the exterior, looking good! We picked up this commercial property on Thomas Road in Phoenix, AZ with no money out of our own pocket.


Mesa Commercial Plaza – No Money Down!

A quick update on our syndicated deal in Mesa, AZ. After a small speedbump we managed to retain %60 of this deal without bringing any of our own money to…

Real Estate Investing

Women Real Estate Investors: Tackling the Flip

Real estate investing has grown considerably since the early ’90s as people work to grow their wealth. Nonetheless, real estate investing, particularly flipping houses, remained a man’s territory. Women who…