Four Blogs Aspiring Real Estate Investors Should Follow

There are many “lucky investment” stories that go around that usually involve an individual who knew nothing about investing and a lucky break. In these scenarios, they just happened into a great opportunity and got rich quick. Unfortunately, this is now how real estate investing goes. Without the right knowledge, no amount of luck is going to get you to your goals. You have to base what you do on actual learning.

With that in mind, here are four blogs that will help you educate yourself about different real estate investing techniques. The authors of these blogs share valuable insights that can make you a better investor. by Mitch Stephen

Mitch Stephen is a seasoned investor from Texas. Like his site suggests, he has invested in over 1000 houses and knows his stuff. If you want to learn the ropes and figure out how to get funding, then this blog is for you. Why? Not only does he tell you how to find great deals, but he is willing to tell you about his funding sources.

Landlordology by Lucas Hall

If you are interested in rental homes, then this blog is for you. Lucas Hall and others at Landlordology can turn your into management pros. Not only will you get advice on investing, but you will also learn about picking the right tenants, finding properties that make sense for rentals, and more. Whether you are new or have been investing for a long time, you will find amazing free information at this site.

Real Estate Knowledge Institute by John Trautman

Yes, it is a shameless plug, but I know that what I offer those that read my blog are real life answers to real life situations. If you want to learn from someone that not has been there and done that, but is there and doing that, then this is the blog for you. Don’t expect comfortable platitudes. Real estate investing is hard work, and I tell it like it is. However, you’ll learn how to take the good with the bad and turn your investments into the wealth you desire.

RETipster by Seth Williams

Not only is Seth Williams a wealth of information, he is also a fabulous source for finding even more sources. He shares his own content and the content of others liberally, often offering his own thoughts and opinions. If you want to know “Who’s Who” in the world of real estate, then you will definitely want to follow this blog.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. If you have a favorite real estate investing blog, please share it in the comments and tell us why. There isn’t one real estate investor that wouldn’t benefit from the knowledge.