Bill Johnson

REKI's Students of the Month

May 2019 - Bill and Seth Johnson

Bill and Seth Johnson are our students of the month for May due to their hard work and dedication in completing their first deal. They came into this business new to the flipping process and eager to learn. As a father-son team, they put in the work and pumped out numerous offers. In getting out there, they were able to connect with a great agent who helped them pursue this first deal. By utilizing the guidance and support of our team, they were able to lock it up at a good price. From there, they pushed hard and did an awesome job on the rehab. Even through hurdles along the way, they did not give up. In the end, they were able to turn over a great product for the new buyer, while making a nice profit. Bill and Seth pursued their next project right away to keep building momentum. We’re excited to see their continued progress and to share in their success. They are truly an inspiration to all of those new investors out there who feel nervous to take action.