AirBNB / VRBO / Short Term Rentals

A Low Point of Entry for New Investors

Anybody can be a landlord and generate monthly cashflow through a strategy called “Rental Arbitrage”. Starting an AirBNB business is a great way to start investing in real estate with minimal risk and investment.

From Our Founder

"No House? No problem."

Cash Flow is the oxygen to Your financial freedom. One of the biggest roadblocks stopping people from generating the passive income they want, and need is the upfront capital necessary to buy traditional rental properties. AirBnB gives you the ability to cash flow properties that otherwise wouldn’t, dramatically increase your margins on existing rentals, and you can generate consistent monthly income on properties that you don’t even own.

Yes, you read that right. Through a strategy called Rental Arbitrage, you can generate monthly, passive income by renting out properties that aren’t even yours.

Whether your goal is to create generational wealth, live life on your terms, fire your boss, help other people or maybe just generate some additional income, our community will give you the actionable steps to launch your passive rental business.

If you're brand new or an experienced investor

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