Investing in Executive Suites

Change The Way You Think About Underperforming Assets

Without a doubt, the real estate needs of businesses are changing. COVID forced many companies to do business differently, and the results now are that many are reducing their office building footprint. Savvy investors understand the need to pivot and are turning traditional office space and other commercial properties into executive suites – small office space with shared amenities and common areas.

From Our Founder

"Repurposing a space is a powerful way to increase it's value."

Simplicity is Key

Businesses that lease executive suites want the entire process to be simple. Executive suite pricing is traditionally done on an a la carte basis, with companies paying for each service they use and then paying the utilities separately. 

If you want to provide a simple solution for businesses and do something different from your competition, consider offering all-inclusive leases. In this way, businesses pay just one fee and know what that fee is upfront. 

If you're brand new or an experienced investor

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