Here's what you get.

60 Minute Personalized Coaching Call with a REKI Coach
Personalized call to help you identify the right strategy for you and your market to get you the quickest results in residential, or commercial real estate.
 BONUS: Digital copy of John’s book “Truth or Comfort”
 BONUS: “The 5 Biggest Real Estate Investment Mistakes People Will Make in 2020”
 BONUS: “Understanding Real Estate Market Cycles”
 BONUS: “How to Beat a Downturn in the Real Estate Market”

$49 Refundable Deposit

“These Guys are the real deal. They give you the tools and inspiration. You put the effort in, start doing/ implementing and they are there answering questions and boosting your confidence. The resent ROI weekend was inspirational and cutting edge. I’m new to the business but have been a part of other educational systems and communities, REKI is the best fit for me. Thank you
 REKI support team is very supportive. The step by step instructions, the followup emails, even the assurance for first-time investors gives us the confidence to carry a deal to the end! Thank you Stephanie and Erica!
 I am enjoying my mentorship and I found the training to be quite good. Its quite low key and parsed out in small bites. After several weeks I am getting ready to do my first flip. Scared but also excited. Wouldn’t have gotten this gear without mentorship. Thanks!! 
Money Back Guarantee
The only requirement is you keep your scheduled appointment.* After the call if we decide you’re not a fit for the group, or you decide the group is not a fit for you, and you feel that you didn’t get more than $50 worth of value out of the strategy call, we’ll refund 100% of your deposit, no questions asked. Plus you keep the BONUSES as our gift to you.